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  • Artist Info: Don't ever give up<br />
    if you still want to try,<br />
    don't ever wipe your tears<br />
    if you still want to cry.<br />
    Don't ever settle for an answer<br />
    if you still want to know.<br />
    Don't ever say you don't love him<br />
    if you can't let him go.<br />
    <br />
    Oftentimes we say goodbye<br />
    to the person we love without wanting to.<br />
    Though that doesn’t mean that we've<br />
    stopped loving them or<br />
    we've stopped to care.<br />
    Sometimes goodbye is a painful way<br />
    to say I love you.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    At the arrival, the boyfriend has a predicament of having a dream of a banquet<br />
    Friend to friend, because of the urgent approaching<br />
    The suggestive meaning of tickets for two to the cinema is all there is<br />
    Pressing his luck, he asks her to accompany him please<br />
    Truthfully, you're acting blind, missing the important part as well<br />
    The tone is very cutesy, thump thump<br />
    A limited rendezvous<br />
    The secret access<br />
    It's airy and meringue-like<br />
    Throbbing a la mode<br />
    Two hearts kiss<br />
    Accidentally spilling the jelly beans<br />
    Embracing, feeling the multicolored feelings<br />
    The kiss goes pop<br />
    But you feel fresh-picked<br />
    Like you're spinning your wheels<br />
    Exploding energy<br />
    Suddenly the end road appears, so bend over. Wow! Look out![1]<br />
    Until you got 15 centimeters away, it's so far<br />
    Moderate, awkward talk, it's liable to be the turning point<br />
    Uh... could we stop talking about this?<br />
    Spin merrily wife, you'll give a good sign<br />
    The omen is very bad bad, and heartbreaking<br />
    Your greedy fantasy<br />
    Gives me an ironic prickling pain<br />
    Are you serious about becoming lovers, is it that good?<br />
    You scramble to bargain for it<br />
    Giving a kiss<br />
    I begin to act violently, jelly beans<br />
    "Tight hips,<br />
    Your intentionally being slow is an oppressive pastel color<br />
    You're just being obstinate, get on your back<br />
    I'll give you displeasure"<br />
    Self-sacrificing dynamite<br />
    orange papaya mint raspberry and cranberry<br />
    What is it, I wonder?<br />
    OK, you escort and strike, to fire a pin and overcharge<br />
    Not to be successful beans<br />
    The thing is unchanged, well then, is it cool to be rude? Honorable old person, rude?<br />
    You prefer to sit, I think I'll surrender<br />
    <br />
    123<br />
    <br />
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