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  • Artist Info: Minna~ Ohayo!~<br />
    Watashi wa Momoya Sayuky desu~~~!!<br />
    Yoroshiku~! mrgreen <br />
    (my real name is NOT Sayuky but i d like u to use it ~desu)<br />
    Im a 15 years old girl from (unfortunately) Romania<br />
    I wish i can have a bass and learn Japanese(i m already learning jp)<br />
    I just can t w8 till i ll be at college (and English-Japanese college) and go in Jp smile <br />
    I love Koichi from the Guild<br />
    My fav J-rock band are :(in order)<br />
    <br />
    ^^the Guild<br />
    **An Cafe<br />
    ~Ayabie<br />
    -- Dir en Grey <br />
    ...<br />
    I think thats all <br />
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