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    Hello, on here I am known as Sukii. My name is Kayleigh, but my nickname is Lolly. I'm 14 and live in England. My birthday is Feb 7th and I'm 14 right now. I attend All Saints Academy and it sucks. I don't pick fights and I don't like to have to fight, but I will defend my friends no matter what. I'm on Gaia pretty often, but I have to study aswell. I'm usually happy, and relaxed. I talk quickly when I get stressed out, which my friends say is hilarious. I'm part italian. I can speak English and broken Spanish. I'm single, and waiting for someone to find me. <br />
    <br />
    Thats all I guess, don't be afraid to pm as I love getting to know new people, but please don't just add me straight off. <br />
    Luff yuh!
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