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    Hello! My name is Rebecca,though I prefer you call me Becca. I'm 14 years old and my birthday is November 27th,1994. I'm taken by the love of my life,Aaron. If you ever say anything bad about him,I swear it will be the last thing you ever say =] I love making friends and I am easy to make friends with,so don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm friendly but I'm also very protective,so don't mess with my friends at all xD I love animals and sweet foods. My hobby is drawing or whatever artistic thing you can think of. That's it for now,if you have more questions though and want to be friends just leave me a comment or something ^_^
    I do a lot of avi art,for my amusement and to make some gold xD If you would like some avi art,please send me a PM :3 Don't think I'm going to do ANY avatar though,only ones I find interesting and fun to draw. So far I have done avi art for:<br />
    KoKoCreamie<br />
    The Gilded Rose<br />
    Rect<br />
    Chibis=2,000g<br />
    Headshots=5,000g<br />
    Full Body=7,000g<br />
    I will happily take bribes as well for avi art XD you'll find my bribe list somewhere over here<br />
    <--- (it's my wishlist)
    If you need examples of what my art looks like,I have pictures scattered around my page.<br />
    Thanks for reading ^_^ tootles!
    <br />
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