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  • Artist Info: I'm not self-centered, but i like to add pictures of myself to my profile because i am lame, okay? okay. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I know how it all plays out. You'll like me first and then you will start to understand that I'm not as perfect as you thought I was. You'll know that deep down, I'm just a mess of depression that's damned to make you fall in love to have your heart broken by the end. Don't trust me, I'm a bitch, and I only talk to people if they know how to spell and have the slightest hint of going to their English classes to learn their grammar.<br />
    I'm not that different from other people, but sometimes I can be a bit of that of eccentrics. I dye my hair at least once a month, because I like the change and attention it brings me. I love attention, though I'm extremely shy, I can't even order a pizza over the phone. I love getting my body peirced. It's addicting. Right now, I have my ears, bellybutton, eyebrow and tongue done. I would have more, but my mom won't let me...<br />
    I only wear mismatched socks, if they aren't mismatched, I feel odd the whole day. I have a lot of jelly bracelets that I don't take off, except once. I like boys with long hair. My favourite animal is an elephant. I like most music, I love music. I've been singing since I was 2 years young, and plan to continue. I'm opening a Youtube account soon to share with the world of my talents. I'm not good at it, but I love to doodle and draw.<br />
    I have 3 turtles, all with Hispanic names. 1 boy named Lorenzo and 2 girls named Hortencia and Guadalupe.<br />
    I give myself mani-pedi's at least once a week to "get in touch with my feminine side."<br />
    I try and believe there's a significant other for me out there, but apparently, I'm too young to understand.<br />
    How long have I been typing? Who cares, anyways..<br />
    I'm supposed to wear glasses, but I think I look ugly in them, so I don't wear them often.<br />
    I get a lot hugs? I don't.. Well, depends on the day.<br />
    I love you, darling, really, I do..<br />
    Don'y call me a bitch, mmkay? I'm a Cuntface.<br />
    Also, don't compliment me. I won't accept it, I'm ugly and fat, okay? Accept it.<br />
    Message me, add me, comment my profile, <br />
    Whatever, I'm out. talk to me.<br />
    Cuntface> out!
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