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  • Artist Info: Hey,um, well I suck at interductions so bear with me as we read about me...<br />
    Um...wow, this shouldn't be this hard. <br />
    You probably found me by an interest search so if its roleplay feel free to ask me to join! I Iove writing!! I'll do almost anything..... I don't like one on one- too boring after time. I <3 fantasy and magic role plays, but no sparkly vampires. <br />
    I like Twilight.... but not obsessivly. I looovee Shiver. And hate algebra... <br />
    I'm not religious, or political. I'm almost always hyper, love smiling, laughing, most people. <br />
    Well my names Drew :'D I live in a little town and have the most amazing friends any girl could ask for. Dont ever tell me I cant, because I can, and I will.
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