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  • Artist Info: ...........*sigh*, okay, I'll talk. My name is Jennifer, but I like to be called J. Gravestone (note: gravestone is NOT my last name, I just like gravestones). I'm 14 years old with waist-long black hair with red streaks, pale skin, and narrow dark blue eyes. I like going to horror movies and scaring classmates. My dad died when I was 6, and I attempted suicide after the funeral because my mom is a b**ch, but my aunt walked into my room after I cut my wrists, but before I could bleed all over the carpet. I enjoy wearing long black dresses, chalk white makeup, red contact lenses and fake fangs.<br />
    My favorite colors are red like blood and black like ravens. My favorite animals are ravens, black cats, and spiders, sometimes centipedes, but, you know, the animals that some people get all 'eek' about.......<br />
    I'm a pretty good manga artist, maybe I'll enter some of my art in the arenas. I have 2 pet cats (both are black with blue eyes, they're siblings) and one ancient dog that I want to get rid of because she craps everywhere but outside. <br />
    I like the bands Korn, Tool, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, and Disturbed.....I also like alot more bands, like Breaking Benjamin, but I like so many bands I can't put them all on here.....<br />
    There, I talked. Happy now? <br />
    --J.Gravestones<br />
    P.S. you can friend me if you like what you read about me, or if you're similar.
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