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  • Artist Info: name=Anastaia aka anna or anner or mar-mar or marlene<br />
    age=12<br />
    live=ohio<br />
    b-day=dec,11<br />
    color=mex with black and white-kinda pale<br />
    if u dont like dat din go fuck ur self for me<br />
    bf= justin forever(i hope)<br />
    bff-as girl=mariah<br />
    bff-as boy=micheal<br />
    grade=6th grade<br />
    como si llama bonita mi casa su casa! lolz i kinda dnt even kno wat that meanz i got it off asng<br />
    fav color=BLACK,BLUE,PURPLE,RED<br />
    fav band=paramore bullet for my valentine fav pop= little wayne,drake,chris brown, i like alot more but those are da top<br />
    nice but i will dog the fuck out of u if u mess with me or friends yesh i am emo dnt hate plzz dnt cuz i do like to dog pplz out sumtimez.<br />
    i love to sing i know how to sing im sexy.i love too skate bored play games. i like to ring pplz door bell and run.im careing sumtimez if im in the mood to care. im a person who givez good advice itz fun giving advice to pplz I HATE PINK!!!!!!<br />
    im kinda a tomboy. i have my girly mommetz sum timez tho.<br />
    im easy to get along with im a pain in the ass sumtimez but in a fun way lolz....let me just say this sumtimez i act like a 5 year old in a fun way and i love anime.i hate people that try to act like they gangster when there not i am no lie and ima not pround of that.I DATE BOYZ IM STRAGHT..I LOVE EMO BOYZ..lolz..well thatz all for rite now..buhh bixiez<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    !!XxAnastasiaxX!!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    !!mii 11 best friendz in real!!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    1.mariah-kool and funni<br />
    2.kayla-funni and crazy<br />
    3.jada-fun to hang around wit and funni<br />
    4.michael.g- a crazy azz alwayz in trouble<br />
    5.jaren-smart and funni a lil<br />
    6.josh-smart and will eat anything<br />
    7.baron-has good advice<br />
    8.cody-a good friend and da boi who likez me<br />
    9.eric-really funni<br />
    10.de'ander-kool and da boi who likez me<br />
    11.jarahn-funni and hez really jealouiz when he seez boyz around me and my other friend lolz<br />
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