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  • Artist Info: I am Jesse.<br />
    I am dark, and somethings depressing.<br />
    I hardly care what people think about me. <br />
    That is not always good.<br />
    Go to forums and look up heavenly prison.<br />
    It's a role play I made.<br />
    I find it cool.<br />
    If i seem different when you talk to me, it can be that my sister as hacked me.<br />
    She does that.<br />
    She does not have her own gaia, but might want to start one.<br />
    Which is why i put up with her hacking me.<br />
    I figure if she doesn't like it, she'll stop<br />
    And if she does, she can make her own.<br />
    I'm pretty smart huh?<br />
    Well anyways, add me.<br />
    And talk. <br />
    See you later.<br />
    Bye.<br />
    <br />
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