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  • Artist Info: Call me Roxy, Sakara, Saka, or Char.<br />
    I'm just a small town girl living in a lonely world.<br />
    I love to draw, it's been my passion since I was about nine or ten.<br />
    My friends introduced me into the Pokemon world, and that's how I got started with my anime interest.<br />
    My love for anime grew as I spread my interests into other series such as Naruto, Mermaid Melody, and many others.<br />
    I love yaoi, as well as shounen ai.<br />
    Both are a special genre which most guys hate, mostly straight guys, well, pretty much all straight guys, and plenty of girls of all ages love.<br />
    If your a girl and want to know what I'm talking about, look the two definitions up.<br />
    Don't blame me if your virgin eyes, ears, and mind can not compute the all powerfulness of the two things I love most, cause your heads to implode into thousands of pieces and you are to be rushed to a hospital to be put back together and to have your pure innocent minds restored to their original state only to find that your pure and innocent child mind shall now be forever engraved with the all powerful tantalizingness that is called yaoi and shounen ai!!<br />
    ...<br />
    Alright, that just went way off topic, but that's just me.<br />
    I take conversations to whole other topics without realizing it, so don't be annoyed if that happens at all.<br />
    But seriously, if you wanna start out easy, look up some sounen ai anime or manga, if your interested.<br />
    I'd suggest you start with Loveless.<br />
    As you progress into the yaoi zone, I would suggest starting with Junjou Romantica and Rozen Maiden.<br />
    Then you will begin to progress into what 4chan, yuri, hentai, shota, and lolli are.<br />
    But if your a guy, unless your bi or gay, don't look up either.<br />
    Unless you feel like having your minds destroyed.<br />
    It's your own choice.<br />
    You can't sue me because you decided to look up what it was and just so happened to leave your google, ask, or bing browser on images.<br />
    Trust me, that has happened to someone, and I laughed my ass off.<br />
    But yeah, I'm a budding artist and I like to make friends with certain people.<br />
    Send me a PM if you ever wanna talk.<br />
    If you have any art requests, lemme know.<br />
    I'll see what I can do.<br />
    I'll only charge 100 coins a character/person, only about 50 coins for a simple background, and 100 coins for a complex background.<br />
    If I fail at the background, I'll just do it for free. (Btw, I suck at backgrounds always, so don't blame me.)<br />
    Also, chibi's will be between 80-100 coins, if you know what chibi's are, if you don't, look it up, it's safe to use image search for that one.<br />
    I might not do backgrounds for those.<br />
    And couple drawings will only be 150 coins.<br />
    Backgrounds are pending for those.<br />
    I'll do various things.<br />
    I'm actually working on drawing gijinka Pokemon.<br />
    Which is basically taking a fantasy creature and turning it into a human form but also giving it special features to show what it once was.<br />
    Those will just be 125 coins.<br />
    I think the prices are fair, so please don't complain.<br />
    There are people who charge nearly 1,000 coins for just a sketch, weather it's good or not.<br />
    Sketches will only be 25 coins.<br />
    For them to be inked, 50 coins.<br />
    For inked and colored, 100 coins.<br />
    I'll make a more organized setup in the forums and I'll post a link on my page.<br />
    Aight.<br />
    That's all.<br />
    Send me a PM if you need more information on the drawings.<br />
    <br />
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