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    Hey. Woah. How'd you get here? <br />
    <br />
    O H A I D E R.<br />
    <br />
    ...Did someone leave your cage open again?
    <br />
    Oh, it's question time.<br />
    <br />
    x - - Information<br />
    Name: You can call me Imogene. (Yeah, I'm serious.)<br />
    Nicknames: Imo, Immy - kins. ( UGH. D: )<br />
    Age: 14, going on 15.<br />
    Birthplace: Mars.<br />
    Current location: East coast. That's all you need to know..<br />
    Hair colour: Black<br />
    Eye colour: Greenish - Brown<br />
    Weight: 115 lbs. o n o<br />
    Height: 5 ` 6 `` I think?<br />
    Tattoos: Do temporary ones count?<br />
    Piercings: Just the traditional one-in-each-ear thing..<br />
    Overused phrase: " Yeah, uhm, shut up, ok? "<br />
    Horoscope: ARIES.<br />
    <br />
    x - - Your..<br />
    Bedtime: When I feel like it, bitch. D:&lt;<br />
    Best physical feature: My legs..?<br />
    Most embarrassing moment: I was spying on this guy I liked in second grade. I used to wear lots of dresses and I had a thing for leopard print undies then. I fell behind and tried to catch up by running, and I tripped. My dress went over my head and my cheetah panties were exposed. D: FML.<br />
    Most missed memory: Learning to swim. So much water was taken out of the pool and into my lungs.. -sighs- Good times.<br />
    First thought when you wake up: " Yes, Axel, I do like sea salt ice cream -- OMFG, I'm awake. DDDx "<br />
    Weakness: If you held Axel up in front of my face, I'd melt. Literally.<br />
    Best friends: My sister..? I don't really keep anyone close. &lt;-- *is lonely*<br />
    Goal for the year: To think of a good goal? Or maybe get a tablet..<br />
    Greatest fear: I'm 'fraid of the dark, yo. &gt;;| And, even though I'm great at swimming, I'm afraid of deep water.<br />
    <br />
    x - - This or that?<br />
    Pepsi or Coke?: IT MATTERS, SO MUCH.<br />
    McDonald's or Burger King?: McDonald's, hands down.<br />
    Hot tea or Iced tea?: HOTTTT.<br />
    Chocolate or Vanilla?: Vanilla.. -insert racial slur here.-<br />
    Water or Milk?: Milk, 'cause it's not water.<br />
    Coffee and Hot chocolate?: Both?<br />
    Hugs or Kisses?: Depends on how much they're worth.<br />
    Cats or Dogs?: Cats. I want to become one of those women who die and leave their belongings to their cats 'cause they're so lonely.<br />
    Summer or Winter?: I like both, but more Winter, because they are no JELLYFISH at the beach. &gt;n&lt;<br />
    Creepy thrillers or Romantic comedies?: Comedies. I peed myself during MIRRORS. xD<br />
    Love or Money?: I can buy people's love with money.<br />
    Green grapes or Purple?: Purple. o 3o<br />
    <br />
    x - - Lover<br />
    Preferred eye colour: Blue or green, mostly.<br />
    Preferred hair colour: If it's clean and in a cute style, it's ALL good..<br />
    Preferred height: At least a few inches taller than me..?<br />
    Preferred weight: I don't care? But don't come up to me in some wheelchair with burger wrappers stuck to your lumpy belly and fries between your toes. D&lt;<br />
    Looks or personality: Depends on what kind of relationship I'm looking for.<br />
    Hot or cute: Cute..~ Hot guys are all jerks. Y'hear me, you hags!? D:&lt;<br />
    Skinny, Muscular, or Fat: Lean?<br />
    <br />
    x - - Favourites<br />
    Number: 5, 3, 21 &lt;-- *legal age for alcohol*<br />
    Food: Souuuup..<br />
    Type of music: I don't know what it's called.. techno? Pop? uh.. rock?<br />
    Song: Trick and Treat by Rin && Len Kagamine (Vocaloids)<br />
    Singer / Band: The ones that aren't for EMO CHILDREN.<br />
    Candy: Foreign sweets are my thang.<br />
    Colour: Blue, black, white, red.<br />
    Animal: I hate all animals. c:<br />
    Body part on the opposite sex: This is a nice question. x] Hmm. I would have to say a find myself attracted to guys with a nice neck, sweet waist, and a smokin' pair of.. eyes. &gt; 3 o<br />
    Movie: P.S. I Love You. 'Cause I'm a girl like that. o__O And Alice in Wonderland; the Tim Burton and the Disney version.<br />
    Book: ..Alice in Wonderland..<br />
    Pasttime: Daydreaming / eating.<br />
    <br />
    Now you know me. o 3o Sort of.<br />
    <br />
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