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  • Artist Info: The name is Catieee. I'm far from perfect and never will be, and I'm not gonna change just cause you want me to. Things aren't the best right noww. but as long as i have my best friends i think i can survive smile I'm laid backk. I hate fighting, rumors and drama. I hate the cold very much but i somehow love snow smile hehe. I'm a very complicated person so if you think you know me your most likely wrong. I hate making decisions because I hate making the wrong one. I love partiessss. Music is my absolute addiction and it always will be. I am not single. I live for the weekends and late nights. I can't stand the morning which is one of the reasons why I hate schooll. i love love lovee using exxtra lettters in words. its fun you should try itt wink . you know I love to talk soo message me someimee (:<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I am very sarcastic.<br />
    I am random.<br />
    I am really loud.<br />
    I do not label myself. (Goth,emo,punk,etc.)<br />
    I hate drama! Have enough of my own, Don't need yours!<br />
    I like to be bare foot.<br />
    I'm a bit of a idiot.<br />
    I still watch all the little kid disney movies.<br />
    I will never grow up.<br />
    I like boys.<br />
    I am a Jeans and T-Shirt kind of girl.<br />
    I am a dreamer.<br />
    I love bright neon colors. <br />
    and I can be a bitch. <br />
    Get past that though, and you can have a life long friend. <br />
    (: <br />
    I am addicted to music.<br />
    I am a bit shy.<br />
    I'll probably hurt your feelings at some point in time, get the hell<br />
    over it. <br />
    Huge fan of Apple Jucie and Chocolate Milk.<br />
    I adore my friends. (My friends and family mean the world to me so <br />
    If you mess with them I will kill you (:<br />
    I am good at helping people with their problems.<br />
    I live for the moment. ("I live for the moments I can't put into words" )<br />
    I don't believe in love at first sight.<br />
    Once you get to know me you may like me.<br />
    I will always be there for my friends.<br />
    I hate people who wine all the time.<br />
    Fear My Hobo! C:<br />
    I like most sports, music and I'm pretty chill....And I love Elmo.<br />
    If you want to add me to your friends, talk to me first.<br />
    I don't really like random requests from people I don't know. D&lt;<br />
    ...I don't really care if ya like me or not,I am who I am and thats who I'll be.<br />
    ((I am Shaina's Dork)) (:<br />
    мωααн...♥ <br />
    <br />
    Its sad how lollipops turn into cigarettes, the innocent ones turn into sluts, homework ends up in the bin, detentions become suspensions, lemonade becomes alcohol & kisses turn into sex. Remember the days when getting high meant swinging on the playground? When protection meant wearing a bike helmet? When the worst thing you could get from boys were cooties? When your dads shoulders were the highest place on earth,& mum was your hero? Your worst enemies were your siblings, race issues were who ran the fastest, the only drug you knew was cough medicine, wearing a skirt didn’t make you a slut, the only thing that hurt was when you skinned knees and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow? <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    And we all said we couldn’t wait to grow up.
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