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    It's nice to meet you.I'm 5 foot 3, Long lashes,brunette,I am very much so happy, Nothing is expected.I have a bright bubbly personality. But I've got a tendency to turn into a bitch. It happens, to everyone. I'm a very unique young woman, Nothing is consistent with me. I don't give a damn what people think about me. That's your opinion, Good for you.I don't criticize or judge either, im not like that. My iPod has a multiple personality disorder, I admire my taste in music. My phone is a buzz machine. I text constantly (: My life is complicated, Don't add on to it. Drama is pointless. So if you have stuck through with me to the end of this, I am proud of you since you show interest. Glad that I could give you a slight look on my life as one of the most entertaining, bitching, complicated, loving, satisfying, enduring girls you will ever meet. You're Welcome.<br />
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    -You never know what you really have until you loose it. Unfortunately.<br />
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