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  • Artist Info: Im Friendly and like new friends But i alsow don't like twilight anymore !!!!! Im 13 and love Gaia online. I like saying hehe alot i dont know why xd <br />
    I Care alot for friends and if something id wrong im the person you can come to Talk to wink <br />
    I like Movies and music. Im very sensitive and its a bit of a week point on mine sweatdrop I LOVE horses, technology ,Games , painting , fixing stufff , helping anybody , and im like any other kid im not the bigge fan of school but its not Boring cause i have god examples of people that are succesful and i wish to be the same smile <br />
    My Best cuality is that im very helpfull and i don't like smokers, drugs,or anything bad for the health wink I detest them.<br />
    <br />
    I love chocolate, cats(not the eating type) , Horses , A bit dogs (not eating type ) , and More........ smile add me if you like me smile as a friend hehe :Cute: heart <br />
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