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  • Artist Info: I guess there are very few things to say from here on out.<br />
    <br />
    To those who have already added my other account: Kameron-Anemone. You`ll know who I am. I am Kameron. <br />
    <br />
    To those who don`t know, and haven`t a clue as to what this means: When I said I was a newbie... You were jacked up straight. Ugh... In terms, I lied. Although, no matter how long I had been on gaia. I still considered myself lacking of knowledge about gaia itself. Therefore, I came here in search of finding even more answers than before. Yeah, I`ve been here for about a year. Probably more by now. Who cares though. I`ve learned a lot about gaia through this account, and sorry about that. I just wanted to be seen as new to gaia because then I could learn about gaia with a looser enviroment set. As well as seeing how people reacted to a person who was new to such an experience. Although, there is no doubt that as a person I never lied about who I was. Sorry, if I`ve been an inconvience.<br />
    <br />
    My name is Kameron, and I am who I am. My other account username is: Kameron-Anemone. It might be hard to get word to me that you want to add me as a friend through that account, but if you look for me in the forums, or elsewhere like the arenas, to tell me that you do... I will add you in a heartbeat. My name is Kameron, and I am who I am.
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