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  • Artist Info: My name is John Hall. Im 14. I live in Georgia and im far from a redneck! So i dont wanna hear it! <br />
    I play guitar whenever i possibly can cuz i am all about music, and my favorite bands are Nirvana, The Used, Three Days Grace, NeverShoutNever, Escape The Fate, Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Foo Fighters, Bring Me The Horizon, BlessTheFall, The Word Alive, Get Scared, Mychildren Mybride and theres more but i cant think about them so yea.<br />
    I have a twin brother named fred <br />
    I also have another brother named trent <br />
    I get on gaia whenever the hell i feel like it so good luck catchin me if you want to talk to me. But no worries ill eventually get your message. "eventually." I'm easily heartbroken, and i hate it, but i can't help it. LoVe my friends. I'm a Kurt Cobain freak! I basically worship the dude. He's Fuckn Amazing!<br />
    I also have a myspace so you can check me out. Just send me a friend request. My e-mail is (halljohn97@yahoo.com) so keep the friend request comin please.<br />
    I go to Gladden Middle School and im in 8th grade. Ill finish this shit later. peace nikka! XD
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