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  • Artist Info: hello, im alex <br />
    live in florida<br />
    half german half italin (part african american but u cant tell by looking at me)<br />
    one of the most random people u will ever meet<br />
    platenuim blonde hair (ask my friends i get a bunch of blonde moments)<br />
    instead of a blonde moment , i have a blonde life (my life is one big blonde moment)<br />
    could u guess i took the sat in 7th instead of in the 10th and got a better math score then my sis in her 10th grade sat biggrin <br />
    i am smart s-m-r-t<br />
    right?thats how u spell it? i tink<br />
    cloudy blue eyes<br />
    team edward all the way<br />
    my boyfriend is bonsai2calm<br />
    my bfffff in real life is Alexa she is the most random person u will ever meet<br />
    (im a close second)<br />
    Alexa and me look lik twins but shes a grade lower and lik 3 inches taller (dang it)<br />
    <br />
    omg if u want to hear an amazing voice, go to this link. i dont care if u dont lik the song she's singing but just listen. she rocks biggrin <br />
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