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    Rena Ryuuguu (竜宮 レナ)<br />
    Rena is a girl who returned from Ibaraki to Hinamizawa one year ago, and is in same grade-level as Keiichi. She has an obsession with things she perceives as cute—generally, these things are not considered cute by others. Every now and then, she goes treasure hunting in the town's trash heap, searching for 'cute' things to collect, and upon finding something "cute", it's difficult to stop her. She has a habit of repeating words at the ends of sentences, most famously kana? kana? (かな? かな?, kana? kana?? lit. "I wonder? I wonder?" wink and when finding something cute, she says Haū! Omochikaerī! (はぅ〜! お持ち帰りぃ〜!, Haū! Omochikaerī!? lit. "Haū! I want to take it home!" wink . When in "Take it Home" mode, she comically becomes stronger and faster. Despite this disarming trait, Rena is shown to be amazingly observant and perceptive about the things around her<br />
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    My friends~! 4laugh <br />
    [[Click the kawaii chibis. 8D]]<br />
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