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  • Artist Info: Good to see that you're looking at my profile. Well where can I start..<br />
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    My name is Juan. I'm 17 years old and I live in the island of Puerto Rico. I'm interested in the US military and plan to join the Air Force as a communications specialist in the future. I study in a private Catholic school that actually sucks. I'm a boy scout, I'm about to enter my Eagle Rank and i'm a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster/ Instructor in my troop, I specialize in orienteering. <br />
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    People describe me as quiet, helpful, gentleman, laid back, responsible,shy, smart. These qualities have blocked me from getting a girlfriend, but that's not really important right now. Most of the times I find myself going against people's thoughts but I really don't know why. I have a slight addiction to Coca Cola and grape soda. I like playing video games. I don't get along very well with ignorant people specially the ones who think that politics are crap and won't solve anything, also I don't get along with hippies, or dumb girls trying to be hippies. Hip hop makes me want to throw up. I'm a metalhead, anything that's from the 80's 90's and few things from this century are what I mostly listen to. One of my main problems is lazyness, I'm capable of sitting in a corner and watch the hours pass rapidly infront of me. PM me if you want to talk, depending on my mood I won't bite.
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