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  • Artist Info: Hey People! <br />
    I"m The type of girl who like Justin Bieber, And Rucka Rucka Ali.<br />
    I'm nice unless you see me in the morning.<br />
    either way i'm an animal lover<br />
    I LOVE PIE<br />
    Well that was random.<br />
    <br />
    If you want to be my fwend complete this form if you only put a random fwend request<br />
    Username:____________<br />
    Favorite things:_______________________<br />
    Favorite music:________________<br />
    Things we have in common:___________________________<br />
    Interests:______________<br />
    Why do you want to be my fwend?:_____________________________________________________
    <br />
    <br />
    People who are racist please leave before I kick your butt!!!<br />
    People who are just plain mean GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!<br />
    Stay outta my face if you talk smack about any form of homosexual, my fwends, or just mean to me<br />
    I do make the worst miztakes so don't blame me.<br />
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