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  • Artist Info: AbOuT Me<br />
    <br />
    * names Lailani or lala or lai or lailai wateva<br />
    * i enjoy laughter at other people's stupidity <br />
    * mom's half black half hawaiian and dad's <br />
    half french <br />
    * check out my half sister heather on gaia<br />
    *grey eyes pitch black hair <br />
    *i live off of vampires(so hot)<br />
    *adore manga <br />
    *love art, poems,(especially) music, etc.....<br />
    *will probably mess with you for enjoyment so <br />
    excuse me i can't help lol<br />
    * i'm a tomboy stuck in girly girl's body who <br />
    can't really stand gushy-mushy crap..sorry<br />
    * lastly i'll tell you what i feel and it may <br />
    surprise you............
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