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  • Artist Info: Hi my name is Jaimee Ruschell Clark. I'm the one at school most people hate cuz im different, its not my fault im a freak. If you have a problem with me u can kiss my butt. I dont like it when people make fun of meh break my heart or make fun of emos cuz emos rock!! I like to bite people when im being botherd or when they are touching meh. I dont like people touching meh! Meh sensitivity levle is surprizing to some because it is so f*ing high its like 200 out of 30 yeah its posible ok. Anythin i miss? o yeah i like drawing anime because its easier i also like to draw realisticly but mainly anime. o yeah my self confidnce is almost zero so yeah. I'm 159 pounds and im 5 foot 2 inches tall. My fave animals are dogs, wolves, foxes kittens, and cows. My fave colors are red, black, green, purple, and ornage. My hair is naturally curly and its brown. Im bi. <br />
    OR i can simplify things by typing less sentencey<br />
    Name: Jaimee Ruschell Clark<br />
    Nick name: James and yeah i like being called this <br />
    Self confidence level: about 5%<br />
    Sensitivity level: 200%<br />
    Fave colors: rEd GrEeN bLaCk OrAnGe PuRpLe<br />
    School status: Some what bottom my friends are distancing from me sad and its a new school anyway <br />
    What i like: to bite ppl, Cheez, Wolves, Foxes, Dogs, Kittens, pUpPiEs, Drawing ppl mainly emos cuz of their hair,cows<br />
    What is dislike: PPl, PPL bothering meh, PPl Touching meh, FISH i HATE eating FISH its gross<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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