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  • Artist Info: Hiya! ^^<br />
    I'm Ama-chan (or just AMA,or *sigh* Amanda or HEY GIRL! YOU WITH THE FACE! Because I have one of those super useful attachments.... but, y'know, anything'll work I suppose, call me what you will)<br />
    I love anime, BROADWAY, reading,drawing,acting, singing, and just talking to people, so if you're shy, You won't have to talk much around me lolz. I love everybody! Even some decent noobs, but! I will not tolerate meanies (Or homophobes, I HATE those peoples). D:< They will be punished relentlessly. @@!#%$@%^% <- like that<br />
    So..... Have fun! Enjoy Gaia or whatever it is you people do on here.<br />
    <br />
    OH! And by the way...<br />
    I LOVE avi art, anyone willing to give me some freebies to decorate my tags or posts/ profile with? Show me your creativity! Maybe we can grow to be friends that way!
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