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  • Artist Info: Lol, ok Hai peeps,<br />
    I am xX_TearBear_Xx, real name Massy and dont forget.<br />
    I am a stalker trust me I will never stalk you I already stalk someone that is near and dear to my heart, Kerry Kelley. <br />
    Although I have a boyfriend who I love very much, he is half of my heart, the other half belongs to my daddy! <br />
    I am a Daddy's girl.<br />
    He is in the army.<br />
    He's a Sargent, or Lutenit I forgot.<br />
    I &lt;3 My boi-friend.<br />
    He is awsomely cool and so sweet. <br />
    Im a Huge people Person. <br />
    Id probably Love to talk with you, <br />
    I am a talker. <br />
    I Love Rainbows & Cuteness. <br />
    I like to sleep,draw,chat.<br />
    I love my friends. <br />
    Im Social,perverted,random, lazy,evil,clutz,kawaii,spazz. <br />
    I usually lack Common Sense.(Defenit yes!) <br />
    I act like an Idiot sometimes. (duh.) <br />
    Im a Anime lover. Im very Clumsy. <br />
    I like a wide variety of music, Really, Ill listen to anything that sounds good. <br />
    I don't like hackers,people who lable themselfs, meanies,and life. <br />
    I &lt;3 EMMETT CULLEN. <br />
    And my biggest fear is being orphaned and having to go live with a pair of mean, sick, twisted, old people. <br />
    ...I am very cool. <br />
    My traits:<br />
    - Abstract thoughts <br />
    - Loves reality and abstract <br />
    - Intelligent and clever <br />
    - Changing personality <br />
    - Temperamental <br />
    - Quiet, shy and humble <br />
    - Low self esteem <br />
    - Honest and loyal <br />
    - Determined to reach goals <br />
    - Loves freedom <br />
    - Rebellious when restricted <br />
    - Loves aggressiveness <br />
    - Too sensitive and easily hurt <br />
    - Showing anger easily <br />
    - Dislike unnecessary things <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I am currently addicted to:<br />
    User Image<br />
    SHADES &lt;3<br />
    <br />
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