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  • Artist Info: Yo what's up? You're on my profile! Or you're a mind reader XP I'm a little hyper so bear with me! Okay, my name is Adam Montville, you can look me up on Facebook: link and Project Playlist: tis a link! I'm insane some days! Anyway I love music I can listen to just about anything except rap and most R&B but I'm a rock/alternative kinda guy I like Paramore, FOB, MCR, AAR, Boys Like Girls, The Audition, The Offspring, Finger Eleven, and lots of others!<br />
    <br />
    Bio:<br />
    Place of residence: I call it the Rat's Nest but it's my room<br />
    Place of birth: Little Rock, Arkansas (JUST LIKE JEREMY DAVIS!!!)<br />
    Date of birth: 2/9/96 (11 YEARS AND 1 DAY AFTER JEREMY DAVIS!!!! LOL)<br />
    Name: Adam<br />
    Hair color: Black<br />
    Eye color: Brown<br />
    Skin color: Pale<br />
    Relationship status: Taken<br />
    Email: RSOX1996@Yahoo.com<br />
    Grade: 9th<br />
    School: Only if I trust you.<br />
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual<br />
    Bored: always.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Emos:<br />
    x] Not all of us are depressed<br />
    x] We are nice people, most of the time<br />
    x] We don't sit around all day feeling sorry for ourselves all the time, but everyone's done it<br />
    x] We don't have made up problems, we have real problems just like you<br />
    x] We´╗┐ have feelings<br />
    x] Not all of us are bisexual<br />
    x] We do smile<br />
    x] Not all of us have piercings<br />
    x] We do laugh<br />
    x] We don't all cut<br />
    x] Most of us can spell and use grammar properly smile <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Put this on your pro if you support Emos<br />
    emo doesn't mean you cut.<br />
    emo doesn't mean your gay.<br />
    emo doesn't mean your suicidal.<br />
    emo is real.<br />
    emo is people.<br />
    emo is everything.<br />
    emo is a label.<br />
    emo is being free.<br />
    free to be you.<br />
    free to express.<br />
    free to tell everyone to f**k off!!<br />
    emo is just a word
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