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    <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Amia's Photobucket!! : )<br />
    Updated every so often.
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    Updated: 10/24/10<br />
    Update: 11/01/2010<br />
    Update: 11/01/2010(Now with videos!!!!)<br />
    Update: 11/01/2010
    <br />
    Update: 12/12/2010<br />
    <br />
    Married October 27th, 2010 to Liam Angelo<br />
    <br />
    Me and my man!!<br />
    I am Onkei (Blessed) Tenshi (Angel) or you can call me Onkei... Or Tenshi... Or Tanjou (Birth), anyone will do, anyone I love! <3<br />
    I am 19 years old, my birthday is 12/20/1990 so I'll be 20 soon and have less than a year to go before I'm 21!! wink <br />
    I'm with an amazing guy right now. I can't believe how lucky I was to find him. We have so much in common it is scary. He is sweet, funny, smart, everything I could hope for in a man. I love him so much. I hope he never disappears from my life. I don't know what I'd do if I lost him.<br />
    He also gave me the best gift of all. A beautiful little girl. Her name is Amia Claire Pannell-Angelo. I still can't believe I had her. I don't think I'll ever believe it either! It is just too crazy for me, it all feels like a dream, but I couldn't be happier about this dream! I can't wait for her to get bigger and bigger. I can't wait to see her personality. Who she ends up being. What she ends up doing. I can't wait for the tears, the laughs, and everything in between. I love my baby girl with all my heart and I will till the day I die.<br />
    I have brown hair right now..... crying Hopefully I will change that again soon xD<br />
    My mother is loving and beautiful an amazing writer and well, she is the "cool" mom even though she will never admit it! My daddy isn't really my dad, but it feels like it cause I never met my real dad and he has been the only real father figure in my life... But he is awesome! he is a grouch sometimes, but whatever! I have a wonderful Sister named Roxy! I've known her for years! She is still the most wonderful and greatest person in my life! I have two younger brothers in real life, but they are just a pain in the butt so lets not worry about them...<br />
    lol, no I'll be nice and mention them... There is Jonathan the middle child that is a total butt and weirdo. I think he's going to be gay when older.... Anakin is the youngest of us all. He's such a heartthrob at school. He started having girlfriends in like... second grade! God... I wish I had that luck!<br />
    I'm now nineteen years old, but it really doesn't feel like it... Even when I turned eighteen it wasn't like "woohoo~~!! Parteh time!!" I had all the freedom an eighteen year old would have when I was younger. My mother has always been easier on me because I never got into trouble much with my school or the cops. The only time I got into trouble with the school was my piercings -__- And I always kept my grades up no matter what bad things I did in my life :3 Yes, I've done a few things that aren't nice or allowed at my age ^^ Well, one thing is never allowed unless you have a medical ID for it xD<br />
    Anyways~~!!<br />
    My favorite colors are blue, black, green, purple, red, and... And yes, pretty much in that order xD Everything besides pink and yellow and orange (maybe little accents of them, but besides that nah!)<br />
    My favorite animals are kitties(like me!), ummm, cows, and ummm.... All the other animals in the world! Well... Except snakes... I don't like those... Oh, actually pretty much any reptile...<br />
    My FAVORITE foods are PB&J, sphagettie, and umm... ALOT of other stuff, I just love food in general!<br />
    M LEAST favorite food is umm... brussel sprouts, pineapple(why is it called pine-apple anyway?) and i can't think of the other ones... <br />
    I also do art. I don't have much posted on here, but I guess I'm okay. If you ever want any art done just PM me with what you want ^_^ If you have any poses or certain things in mind a reference would be very nice to have, if not I'll figure it out. Prices are determined when sketch, inked, or colored picture is done. I think its fair that way so you don't pay a lot for something and get work of less value. Anyway... Yeah hit me up!<br />
    So don't be afraid to message me or anything!<br />
    Anyway, thanks for coming to my page! <br />
    If you want to be friends go ahead and add me. I love having friends and meeting new people! <br />
    Bai-bai <3
    <br />
    <br />
    Toki: Minez Fits Fine...<br />
    Murderface: Shut up Toki...<br />
    User Image<br />
    The Second Love Of My Life! X3
    <br />
    <br />
    My Fave Costume For The Shop Keeps:<br />
    Peyo!! Too CUTE!!<br />
    Vanessa! This one surprised me!!<br />
    Nicolae! This made me fall in love with him!! <3
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    _♥_♥___♥_♥_ Put this <br />
    ♥___♥_♥___♥ heart <br />
    _♥___♥___♥_ on your <br />
    __♥_____♥__ page if <br />
    ___♥___♥___ you love <br />
    ____♥_♥____ someone <br />
    _____♥_____ dearly
    <br />
    <br />
    Avvie Art Done By Blade_Nebula! I LOVES IT THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! heart heart <br />
    [X]<br />
    [X]<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Art Done By Enairdaland Thankies!! heart <br />
    [x]<br />
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