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    Im Unique , Just Like EveryBody Else.<br />
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    Scroll Down If You Wanna Learn About Me . (:<br />
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    User ImageRebecca Lange . White . Learning Korean . Black. music. Skateboarding. Sunshine. My Chemical Romance. female. laughing. gigling. smiling. skinneyjeans. eyeliner. straightner. Hottopic. sweatshirts. hoodies. boys. friends. family. computer. tv. running. walking. jogging. pepsi. Rockstar. Monster. youtube. myspace. Gaia. cellphone. talking. sleeping. school. eating. presents. bestfriends. teddy bears. Guitar Hero 3. Art. Drawing. Shoes. shopping. mistakes. regrets. forgive. forget. past. present. future.
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    i 'Do' Smarties .<br />
    You Dont Like It ?<br />
    LEAVE .<br />
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    Just Me ;<br />
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    User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image<br />
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    My Insane Poem .<br />
    <br />
    Thoughts Flow Through My Head .<br />
    I Want People Dead .<br />
    Thoughts of Murder .<br />
    Thoughts of Rape .<br />
    Thoughts i Cannot Escape .<br />
    These Thoughts Of Torture Arise .<br />
    Why Must i Live In This Lie ?<br />
    I need To Let It All Out .<br />
    These Thoughts I Must Live Without .<br />
    Yet , I Grasp At All This Rage .<br />
    As I Sit Here Typing This Page .<br />
    I Try hard Not To Burst .<br />
    For All The People i Have Hurt .<br />
    Its So Hard Not To Lie .<br />
    The Truth Is Hard To Confide .<br />
    So Many Fake People Out There .<br />
    Thick Fumes Of Gossip In The Air .<br />
    So Many People Could here ,<br />
    These Thoughts Are Devastatingly Clear .<br />
    I Am A Psycho You See ,<br />
    This Stays Between you And Me .<br />
    I Have Many Thoughts of Suicide .<br />
    I Dont Know Why Im Still Alive .<br />
    Although I Feel So Dead Inside ,<br />
    I Have To Fight , <br />
    My Friends Could Die .<br />
    All My Enimies You See ,<br />
    They Always Mess With Me .<br />
    There Murder Is Always On My Mind .<br />
    Im Planning Them Inside .<br />
    My Head ,<br />
    Full Of Thoughts .<br />
    Thoughts of Murder And Rape .<br />
    But I Know The Cost .<br />
    I Would be In Prison If This Got Out .<br />
    I Am A Mental Case There is No Doubt .<br />
    I Know You Are Scared Of Me Now , <br />
    But I Do not Care ,<br />
    So Stick Around .<br />
    This Is The End Of My Song .<br />
    The End You Have Waited For ,<br />
    For So Long .<br />
    You Sat And Read All These Words ,<br />
    Now You Must Be Thinking ,<br />
    God , Shes Absurd .<br />
    I Thought Its A Good Time To Spread my Word .<br />
    This Time Is Over , <br />
    And Now You Have Heard .<br />
    I Am Insane , <br />
    Now You Know .<br />
    You Can get Out Of Here ,<br />
    So Off You Go .<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Friends ;<br />
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