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  • Artist Info: Hi people's<br />
    Where to start...oh yea!!<br />
    my name is Yuuki Arasou and I love Vampire knight!!<br />
    Yes, i have the first name as Yuuki cross/Kuran ^^<br />
    I love anime as well ^^ (but vampire night better hee-hee)<br />
    Alos people's i have a myspace, wanna be my friend?<br />
    Pm me and find out my myspace and all (shouldn't be hard to find me though lol)<br />
    Anyway, i should stop babbling about me<br />
    U must know about me if u read vampire knight<br />
    after all, ppl say i look and am like Yuuki<br />
    ^^<br />
    okies then<br />
    see ya!!<br />
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