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  • Artist Info: I am a person! I like you and moo and everything blue! Shortish, random, brown wavy hair~ I like to go CRAYZAY! biggrin Yum, I like warm slippers. Keeping my feet warm. I <3 TO PAINT MY NAILS!!!!!!! Right now, they are maroonish. Shiiiiny~ My dog rocks socks, and I like school. Except I don't like math. Bleh. Yucky. I LOVE to write, and sing, and dance! Favorite color:undecided, QWERTYUIOP[]<br />
    ASDFGHJKL;'Enter<br />
    ZXCVBNM,./Shift<br />
    Lol! It's a keyboard!<br />
    P: wow. I'm feeling random. Check out my friend virgofiregirl's arena entries! They rock socks!
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