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  • Artist Info: There's nothing I could say to you.<br />
    Nothing I could ever do,<br />
    to make you see<br />
    what you mean to me.<br />
    All the pain;<br />
    the tears cried,<br />
    still, you never said goodbye.<br />
    And now I know how far you'd go.<br />
    I know I let you down,<br />
    but it's not like that now.<br />
    This time I'll never let you go.<br />
    I will be all that you want,<br />
    and get myself together;<br />
    'cause you keep me from falling apart.<br />
    All my life;<br />
    I'll be with you forever.<br />
    To get you through the day,<br />
    and make everything ok.<br />
    I thought that I had everything.<br />
    I didn't know what life could bring.<br />
    But now I see,<br />
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