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  • Artist Info: Hello^^ My names Ashlyn or Ash (whatever floats your tobaggan). <br />
    I am me, which nobody else can be.<br />
    I like the color purple.<br />
    I have 3 doggies.<br />
    I like metal music... And 80s music.<br />
    I hate wasps. And needles.<br />
    I LOVE CANDY.<br />
    I love to draw and I'm getting better.<br />
    I like reading, mostly sci-fi and horror stuff.<br />
    I like horror and spoof movies.<br />
    My favorite food is Spaghetti.<br />
    My favorite band is System of a Down.<br />
    I like painting my nails.<br />
    I have a few amazing friends. (You know who you are)<br />
    Some are online too. (You still probably know who you are)<br />
    I'm not exactly popular, but I'm not complaining.<br />
    I love anime. <br />
    I hate people who copy me.<br />
    I have natural bleach blonde hair (be jealous).<br />
    But I actually want black.<br />
    I don't like coffee.<br />
    I have a fear of heights too. <br />
    I like traveling and seeing new places.<br />
    If you had the patience to read ALL of that, then you're officially awesome.<br />
    <br />
    Dis is meh<br />
    User Image<br />
    Shmexy huh<br />
    <br />
    I have a Myspace. Ashy~Cakez ;D<br />
    Add me?
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