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  • Artist Info: I'm 18. My name is Rian, which is the Gaelic (old Irish) spelling of the common name, Ryan. It is pronounced the same way.<br />
    I'm an Avid watcher of the SciFi network, AMC, and Cartoon network. (I love action and explosions)<br />
    I of course love Science, I want to be an Environmentalist and create the policies of tomorrow that will form a better future. I love school, because I value knowledge.<br />
    I'm fairly easy going, situation permitting.<br />
    I can be pessimistic, though at my core I'm an Optomist. Really I think I just know too much for my own good. XD<br />
    I like to make people laugh, especially my friends.<br />
    I've been a gamer, primarily cards and consoles, all my life. Go Nintendo! :}<br />
    My favorite literature is fantasy and science fiction novels and Manga, primarily Shonen, though I do have a soft spot for Shojo.<br />
    I live in New York. Rain is good, too much sun is bad, but so is too much Snow. Haha<br />
    I'm more shy than most people, though I have an un-canny ability to get along with almost anyone if I feel like it.<br />
    By heritage I am 75% French (Canadian), 15% Italian (Northern), and 5% Irish.<br />
    Note to the human race - Take care of the Earth it's the only home you've got. :}<br />
    Other things I can mention, hmm let's see. I'm an atheist, I play the Cello and Piano, my orientation is straight, and I'm a democrat/independent.<br />
    America is a good country it just has to get its priorities straight, and stop electing Republicans. LoL<br />
    Description of my appearence because obviously the random Gaian has no clue what I look like. I have Hazel eyes and Brown hair, both of which get lighter the longer I'm in the sun. I'm over five feet tall, 5'8'' if I recall. I wear glasses and always have. My left ear is pierced. I have very defined features, including a nice nose (according to my friend Ichigo XD) and graceful lips,don't know where that came from. XP<br />
    Anything else you want to know, just ask, I'm a very open and honest (sometimes too much) person.<br />
    I've found the love of my life so hands off ladies. ;3<br />
    <br />
    I'm finally going to SUNY-ESF. My future starts here. ^^<br />
    "The beginning has just begun."
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