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  • Artist Info: A man had spent many months travelling and collecting many riches that he carried in a bag with him. On this particular day he was grumbling to himself that he could not figure out any new exciting treasures to seek out and was feeling very grumpy. <br />
    Meanwhile just off the path there happened to be a clever prankster picking mushrooms and he overheard the man complaining to himself.<br />
    So the joker jumped out of the bushes, grabbed the mans bag and ran off up the path.<br />
    Well, of course, the man was beside himself with anger that his riches had been taken! But after a while became distraught with no idea what else to do, so he began trudging along the path. <br />
    After a short distance the prankster appeared and handed the man his satchel and the man began to jump and sing with glee.<br />
    To which the joker only replied, "Odd what it takes to make some people happy!"<br />
    The End<br />
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