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  • Artist Info: So I'm Ryanne.I have alot of friends,and I'm quiet alot.I'm nice,I'm blonde with bangs,which I'll show yu in a minuteI think I'm pretty like my sissy,R A Y N E B O W I-GASM-I.I like to draw and write,and to go on the cpu.I like happy things,and hate to think about death of family memebers or my own.It makes me cry.I hate animal mills,preps,gangs,haters,and people who jump to conclusions.<br />
    My favorite colors are yellow,black,purple,and green.They ish awesome.I like them all becuase they all go toguether.XDD<br />
    I love my family,even thuogh we aren't very rich.I do my best to keep my mom happy,thuogh I do slip.Her and Mike try very hard to put food on the table,and pay bills.Hell,my mom is even going to college.It'll take her five years to graduate thuogh,but we'll be patient.<br />
    My mom,Shannon Mason,is a very hard worker.She goes to college for her nurse's degree.She is in her 30's,but she kinda looks twenty.XDShe has guys staring at her.But whenever we're all in the store(Me,Shayla,R A Y N E B O WI-GASM-I,Mom,Mike,Brandon)I watch out for any guy who might wish to stare at my sis or mother.My sis tends to look a bit older.So yeah,you might say I'm protective of the girls.But for me,I'm flat chested..XDDDD<br />
    Mike,my step dad,is also a very hard worker.He works at a apartment complex.He is a man,so he needs not to go to school.He is the worker.Mom's the houseworker worker(Makes no scense,I know!!O smile ).Mike is big,gos to the gym with mommish.Also Shayla does.XDMike is a good father,he forgives my mom thruogh anything,even the worse.I love him and mommish!!<br />
    So the rest of my family is cool.Even thuogh two of my bros are homosexual,and bi.DXI love dem doe...lol<br />
    Me?I'm eleven.I'm going thruogh puberty as well...XDDDIt's very unwelcomed..&lt;.&lt;As if I'm going to be preggo anytime soon...Pssh.I love my friends,Chasade,Rosemarie,and abigail.Love ya!<br />
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