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    &lt;3333333333 hey my name is ania and love my fam[ily]lol. I &lt;3 my friends:molly barron,alyssa barron,pritisha karan,clarissa camerena,claudine lacar,jasmine frergison,melissa parlan,lyanna her ILY guys!!!! The things i hate Fake People,People that are to quiet ,Biters,Haterz mmm Tiara,My fave song right now is...Not gunna tell cuz you might be a Biter,My age is 11 not afraid to hide it..lolz...love to say.. booo ,fuck you,bitch,all thoes bad words lol im a weird person haha dont judge me hate racist people and yea i graduate in couple days going to TJMS yay!!! im getting the hell out of elementrry finale hahah ...ok bye im tired....=)
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