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  • Artist Info: Hmm about me.....ok well there are two mes: the one in real and the one on the internet. <br />
    About me in real: My names Jacqueline and I live in Russia. Why is my name not Russian you ask? Well my mom thought i looked like Jacqueline Kennedy xD Anyway I change schools very often because we move alot. The longest I stayed in one school way 1 year and a half -_-. So I prefer not to make friends so I wont have to say bye later. So I hardly talk and I only have one friend- my cousin. I'm usually reading a book alone and no I'm not emo.<br />
    <br />
    About me in the internet Alot of people call me the random crazy type but i've seen people much worse. no crazy and random isnt a bad thing it means ur a very fun person =D oh and im A BIG ANIME FAN. i like the everyday kind of anime. ya know when they show how they go to school and stuff. =) if u start talking to me most of it will be me telling stories but i dont like when im doing all the talking u should talk too =)
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