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  • Artist Info: Hi! <br />
    I'm mary! You are welcome to my profil<br />
    im from colombia<br />
    Im Cant talk good in english If you can see.<br />
    I like all the rawrss thing and im like a pre-ana<br />
    My favorite singers are Katy perry, Maroon 5 And Britney spears :)<br />
    Please I hate the Haters <br />
    I dont understand why the people..Uh???<br />
    Im confusedddd :(<br />
    (Stupid mari Stupid mari)<br />
    Shut upp Minddd Leave aloneee please<br />
    Shut up.<br />
    as i was saying<br />
    i Have 14 years old and i love be stupidness<br />
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