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  • Artist Info: -I'm a girl.<br />
    -I was born on 24th, Feb, 1993.<br />
    -I was born in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.<br />
    -I live in Egypt.<br />
    -I'm Egyptian.<br />
    -I love electronics when I deal with them.<br />
    -I hate electronics when I learn them in a Physics book.<br />
    -I am fat.<br />
    -I am fit.<br />
    -I try my best most of the times to become thin.<br />
    -I love chocolate and macaroni.<br />
    -I hate cream and rice.<br />
    -I love casual style.<br />
    -I hate formal styles.<br />
    -I love criticism as long as it's frank and as long as they are not just for criticism. Criticism of this type really sucks.<br />
    -I love being lonely most of the times.<br />
    -I, sort of, love having friends.<br />
    -I hate removing dust from chairs and tables when Mama asks me to do that. I love doing them when I notice they should be done.
    D;<br />
    -Most of, those whom I know, say that I'm funny. You won't notice that now; because I'm typing facts about me, not jokes. (:<br />
    -I'm not easily moved.<br />
    -I love pixels and editing pictures.
    x]<br />
    -I love drawing and I hope that I will be able to draw well one day.<br />
    -I love .hack//Legend of twilight bracelet so much. No, really. So much.
    D;<br />
    ---I will add more when I think you have to know more or when I think that there are more D;---<br />
    /Thank you for reading
    <br />
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