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  • Artist Info: Hello there wanderer (which you probabley are if your on my profile) I am Diverosa. Usually you'll find me in the general discussion forum giving advice and support for those going through difficult times, or you might find me designing awsome outfits for my avatar, I also moonlight as a healer in zomg. I am Homeschooled. My favorite item on gaia is the White Poinsettia Hairpiece.<br />
    As for religion I am born again in Jesus Christ and a devout Christian, I know there is no other way to heaven except through accepting Jesus Christ into your heart so don't even try arguing. I go to a First Baptist church but I believe that the idea different denominations in the church is unnecesary, we are all there to worship, learn from, and praise God. So now that I've said this I need to tell you that God loves you and has a plan for your life, I'm telling the truth, no matter what you have done, no matter how bad your sin, God still loves you. If you repent and ask for his forgivness, it will be the most important and life changing choice you will ever make. Maybe you dont believe in God but think of it this way, if your right that there is no god what have I got to lose?, but if I'm right what have you got to lose?<br />
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