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  • Artist Info: Hello i am paqe (pachye) . I can get alittle agresive.... ok mabye really agresive, but dont blame me i was just born that way... so i am single (boys plz leave me alone &gt;:U ).and just because i look rich doesnt mean i am so plz dont ask me for donations.i love looking for bargens in the market place so let me know if u got some good ones. i am an animal lover and i can be random. i love to play truth or dare, im half albanian, and i like coockies THE END!<br />
    -------------------<br />
    <br />
    man wow was I really like this in Middle school? heh god how embarrassing that is. well the paragraph above is when I was in middle school and also 13 years old. I'm just going to leave that up there because I'm just that sentimental. I'm actually 16 now woop woop! so yea feel free to talk to me I guess.<br />
    <br />
    ___________________________<br />
    two years later and its almost my eighteenth birthday man where have the years gone? blaugh <br />
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