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  • Artist Info: Hello, My name is Celeste Victoria Lilith Escamilla ^^, yes i no long name XD, i live in Laredo, Texas with the guy who used to love me , im 18 years old my favorit colors are red,black,purple,and white actually those are the only colors i wear mostly, i have 4 peircings on each ear, had my lip peirced 3 times never could leave it there i would get annoyed really fast, ive got a bad temper, what i like to do on my spare time is Read,Sleep,and Listen to Music, My Favorite Music is Rock, Metal, DeathMetal, ClassicRock, and Alternative. My Fav Band is Deftones, My Favorit Song is from Bullet for My Valentine - The End,i dont like Preps that much, im am very stubborn, and can be a bitch, i admit,i like to watch GhostHunters, Destination Truth, Haunted History, Monster Quest, Most Haunted, Riplys Believe it or not, well put all together and all u get is Weird shit ^^, My Fav Animal is a Cat, i Dislike Dogs cause they killed every cat , i mostly drink sprite, i wear glasses but only to read, i like vampire books with romance, mystery, love, all i read are book with vampires lycans and witchs. wierd stuff yet again. and anything else ask me. kk ^^.<br />
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