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  • Artist Info: Hi! I'm Ayase Kaede(pseudonym)and i'm 23(i think... it's a fake age...). I'm a big fan of NewS, Kanjani8 and KAT-TUN, but i love, love, LOVE Ryo-chan(Nishikido Ryo)! He's so handsome, sexy!!!!! And he's soooo cool!!! My dream is eat takoyaki with him in Osaka! Oh, and also study manga in Japan at Tokyo Annimators College, i want to be a mangaka! Hmmm... What i can tell about me???? I like manga, animes, doramas... My favorites colors are blue, black and white, food that i like: takoyaki, takoyaki, TAKOYAKI and also batayaki and chicken! In my freetime i draw or play on the PC or play DS, specially Pokémon! On Mondays and Wednesdays i go to my english classes so don't worry, my english won't be this worse forever! ^^! Actually i'm Brazilian, i hate this! I wanted to be JAPANESE!!!!!! But i'm descendant... this is a beginning... Well i think that's it... if i remember something more i'll write.<br />
    Bom Dia, Boa Tarde, Boa Noite!<br />
    (Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night!) <br />
    My birthday is actually on January 2nd...¬¬"
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