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  • Artist Info: Hello, the names Psychedelic Sophie.<br />
    And i kno thats a looongg ass name <br />
    so you can just call me Sophie as a nickname<br />
    <br />
    A little bit about me is that im pretty easy to talk to.<br />
    And i LOVE food (who doesnt??)<br />
    i enjoy reading books, especially the ones with sequels.<br />
    i live in califonia (and enjoy living here)<br />
    but i also love to travel.<br />
    hmm...what else....<br />
    oh yeah. im mostly filipino tho i wasn't born in the philippines (dang it)<br />
    i am also part chinese, spanish, and of coarse american.<br />
    if you wanna kno more bout me then go ahead and click<br />
    the message button and i'll be waiting to reply ASAP!<br />
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