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  • Artist Info: Hight: 5 "5 1/2"<br />
    Weight: 137<br />
    Age:17<br />
    Hair Style & Color: Long, Dark brown<br />
    Body Figure: Athletic & Toned<br />
    Likes: Hanging out, flirting wink , texting, playing video games, meeting new people.<br />
    Sports: Football, Baseball, Running, Working out<br />
    Music: Listen to anything and everything<br />
    Movies: Horror and Action are my favorites. I don't really like cheesy chick flicks :p<br />
    Interests: Meet new people and make friends, hopefully if in Fresno Cali we can hang biggrin <br />
    About me: I am a 17 year old skater, I don't really like giving myself a "style" to what I look but some say I'm a mixture of an Emo, a Goth, and a little bit of a rocker. My prefered music is any kind of Metal, Death Metal, all that good stuff haha but I will listen to everything els as a last resort or my iPod had died :/ I like to go out a lot, I am a very outgoing person. My personality is that I am very easy going, serious at times but then I could be the dorkiest person in the world, I skate every now and then and I walk to pretty much everywhere. I like to play sports and I know most people like me don't do that kind of stuff I guess but I do it anyway because I would much rather go outside and do something vs. me being at home trying to do something. I'm real and to the point at times, I am very very patient, am very optemistic, I don't really like downers, depressed people, people who talk without really having a point in their speech haha, I rarely smoke but thats only when there is absolutely nothing els to do in the world or want to escape the harsh reality we live in.
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