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  • Artist Info: This is my new self. After the old Steliana96 (aka Steliana97) got hacked, I used this account, that was a mule.<br />
    Well, I am a girl from Romania (User Image) (that's in Europe) and I am 13. I was born on 18th of December, in a cold winter. So, I'm Sagittarius, and I love ice cream!!User Image<br />
    Other than ice cream, my favorite food is chinese food. I like to read, draw and browse Gaia. My drawing style is (of course) anime. I like reading Naruto and Harry Potter. I also like travelling. I listen to soundtracks (I like instrumental ones the most).<br />
    Oh, and, BTW. If you want to post random comments, tell me what you think about this image:<br />
    User Image<br />
    Yeah, I drew it.
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