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  • Artist Info: Well, don't think I've updated this part since the first month I was on here, so its been a while. Probably about a year and a half. Well, I like playing the market, or trying to at least. I buy and sell EIs to make most of mygold and it usually works out for the best (I only lose money 5-10% of the time). I also RP if you've put some thought into it when you made it. I am really good with villians and their diabolical schemes. I'm your go to man for anything like that. If you don't believe me I have references. As soon as I've concocted one you can be sure I won't disappear from your RP either. Reference the earlier sources again.<br />
    Outside of Gaia I am a hunter of all things original and fantastic, be it music, books, games, or art. That probably means you'd find what I like discovering pretty weird, but hey, I've learned a lot because of my hobby. I'm also enrolled in the Mathematics and Statistics program in a University which shall rename nameless. I may not be the best in my year, but what I do know I know thoroughly so if you're seeking a number cruncher or just someone to help you with what most consider the nightmare subject, feel free to ask.<br />
    I am also a walking think tank and one that has a great many perspectives. I love having a thought provoking conversation or just having some weird and wonderful idea explained to me. I can also reciprocate as I have plenty of ideas that will never see the actual light of day.<br />
    So yeah, if you want something to kick you out of the norm for a bit, I'm your man.
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