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    <br />
    Hi I'm Kye.<br />
    I love gaiaonline!! ^^<br />
    And well i guess you can call me or scene... maybe even gothic, im all of the above XD.<br />
    I'm a very happy and joyful person X3<br />
    I love rainbows. I love the rain. I love my bestfriend, Shane.<br />
    I love my beautiful girlfriend, Evie.<br />
    I love all of my friends.<br />
    Almost all of my friends on gaia are roleplayers.<br />
    I like most things my parents don't.<br />
    I love to drink Faygo^^<br />
    Gummybears are the best!!!!!<br />
    I love sour candy and lollipops.<br />
    I love chocolate-chip cookies.<br />
    I like sweet things.<br />
    I love deathcore.<br />
    I can be random, and i'm very wierd. Mostly all of my friends are involved in the occult XD and we're all wierd, nerdy, and somewhat cool like that lol.<br />
    I'm still a virgin, I hate cybering. I can be a smartass. I'm very VERY smart... I'm just really lazy. I'm failing most of my classes but i scored a 92 on my reading benchmark. My girlfriend is almost smarter than me and she's passing XD, and she got an 82 on her benchmark.<br />
    I'm an honor student. I got a higher score than almost everybody in my class as well, but i'm failing. (I'm very smart, but i'm lazy)<br />
    I was born a Gemini, and a Rat.<br />
    I'm in the 8th grade, I love to draw and make animations.<br />
    I play the guitar, i have a skatboard, but i'm not good with it XD.<br />
    I FCKN LOVE VIDEOGAMEZ!!!!!!!<br />
    My only gamesystem is my computer, and my current game is S4league.<br />
    I have emotional breakdowns often.<br />
    I can be very random. I'll have prblems with others sometimes.<br />
    I love animals.<br />
    the soda i drink most is Dr.Pepper.<br />
    i like hot cheetos lol.<br />
    I overuse XD.<br />
    People just really like me.<br />
    I'm fun to hangout with.<br />
    people call me hot lol.<br />
    I'm very open sometimes.<br />
    I can be shy, but I'm very bold.<br />
    I don't let people determine the way i feel about myself,<br />
    so basically i don't care what you say about me.<br />
    words don't hurt me.<br />
    <br />
    If you want to know anymore just ask, i don't care how.<br />
    <br />
    note: If you read all of this, and didn't care... you just waisted your time<br />
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