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    My name is Igtenos. Other names are "Doc" and "Klinkz." I've been a Gaian since 2005. I love Avi Art, especially CG'd chibis, and custom-made profiles. Currently attending college, majoring in Emergency Management.<br />
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    Fun Facts:<br />
    o- My favorite color is blue.<br />
    o- My favorite element is wind.<br />
    o- "Delirium Tremens" is my favorite beer.<br />
    o- My favorite game is Guild Wars.<br />
    o- Country is my favorite music genre.<br />
    o- Favorite Quote: "Collaboration induces excellence."<br />
    o- I'm gay.<br />
    <br />
    I'm a nice person, but rather sarcastic. I may come off as cynical, but that's in response of people being stupid or unreasonable. I like talking, but only if the conversation makes sense. Random PM's and Friend Requests get ignored; nothing personal, I just don't know you.<br />
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    This Avi Art was made by Architect Eyes. [Link] to her art shop.<br />
    This profile was made by Rawrtemis. [Link] to her profile shop.
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