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  • Artist Info: Alright, so I havent been so fucking faithful to my promise. And I'm sorry. But truth is, I really dont give a rat's ass, you lazy fucks. You try to change your profile every week, well see what's up. ....Anyway, that was just a message to anybody, and now the damn flaming will begin....<br />
    <br />
    Now, as everyone knows, im into les mainstream bands like MCR, A7X, Fallout boy, Cobra Starship, Panic!.......etc........Yeah, I think they all can blow their "music" out their asses.)....erm....anyway, I can drew,presumably better than Evee (rest her soul, es, shes dead now).......theres....theres my drawing right over there. It's more of a "new" style ive been trying out over the months, and that's the "almost perfected" version. Evelyn doesnt like it....hehe....<br />
    <br />
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