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  • Artist Info: hay im clayton bond yes weird name but its mine weird like me<br />
    any way i was born in russia with my sister and brother i was abused and me and my sister whent to the orphanig and my bro had to stay with my russian grandmother well me and my sister got adiopted at 5 and she was like 3 or 4. any way i ahd to take care of every one in russia at my house wiht my mom<br />
    so i kinda had to be a dad witch makes me more emotional and care about peps more than norm peps<br />
    any im more feminin than like norm guys and a few girls<br />
    this does not mean im gay im straight and i luv girl<br />
    i jsut show my emotions more than u guys do<br />
    well i have blond hair and brown eyes iim 5'9'' and still growing tal<br />
    i wont to help the human race cuz were not very smart at all im 16 and i think i just wont to grow up and have a family with 3 children and get them to be smart athletic and kewl so they dont have to be like me all kinda freak ish they will ahve the best life ever unlike me but i am gifted to have such a new loving family and soem day will go baqck to russia to see my russian mother and brother<br />
    thats my life and peace out girl scout
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